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Dec 10, 2014

Great review of our Mercury pedals from Aerogeeks!
Nov 20, 2014

BLACK FRIDAY sale! - 15% off EVERYTHING, +free BTA mount with all Alpha bars! In the spirit of always going faster, we're starting a week ahead of the actual Black Friday, and running thru next Saturday, Nov 29. This is by far our BIGGEST sale of the year - enjoy!
Oct 17, 2014

Ironman Celebration Sale!! From now thru Oct 31, get 15% off any Omega or Sigma product!
Jun 02, 2014

Shimano unveils XTR Di2 with SEQUENTIAL SHIFTING!!! This is AWESOME. Can't be long until it comes to road Di2 - possibly available already, if the sequencing is controlled by the shifter. Just hack up the shifter internals and put it on your aerobar. Until then, I'm really excited with 1 x 11 setups, as you can get basically everything you'll ever need with an 11 x 32 (SRAM cassette) and 50 or 53t ring up front. For Liberty, I did 11-28t x 44t, and it works great. Just spins out a little quicker on steep descents, and doesn't have quite as much crawl on steep climbs. I just LOVE what Shimano is doing with Di2. SRAM might have a hard time catching up.
May 15, 2014

Aaaaand, BOOM! The Gen 1 SC Clamps are back in stock! Go nuts :-)
Apr 03, 2014

There's just ONE MORE DAY to take advantage of our HUGE ALPHA SALE!!! Grab your bars now, because these prices will probably never be seen again!!!
Apr 01, 2014

And for you wind tunnel junkies ... would it help you to know that Alpha is basically equal to the ORIGINAL Ventus in terms of aerodynamics, but is MUCH lighter, MUCH MUCH MUCH more adjustable, totally Di2 compatible, and oh yeah -- still in production?! LOTS of detail is on the way. For now, the sale is ON:
Apr 01, 2014

Just a few days left on our HUGE Alpha aerobar sale! This discount will probably never again be repeated or equaled.
Apr 01, 2014

Wahoo just launched their app for Android! This is a big deal - Wahoo does some awesome stuff.
Mar 31, 2014

Spare parts now available for Alpha and Mercury! Check out their links in the store at and