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Our new Gamma One and Gamma Carbon extensions are now in stock and shipping! The alloy versions will be in stock very soon. Sigma X is also in stock and shipping. Get yours now in the store!
This slick little BTA mount is designed specifically for our Alpha aerobar, and it's the cleanest, fastest way to dial in the perfect BTA setup for your Alpha.
Our proudest and most ambitious product has arrived: TriRig Alpha is here and it's ready to rock your bike.
You asked, we listened. Gamma Carbon is here and available in the TriRig Store.
We caught a glimpse of a prototype carbon Zipp aerobar that will become the new top-end model.
Our custom extension project is finally finished, and the Gamma extensions are now for sale in the TriRig store.
Shimano's PRO component brand has come out with a gorgeous, high-end aerobar and stem both worthy of an in-depth review.
These new tri bars from Zipp are perhaps the best value in aerobars on the market today, combining affordability with enormous adjustability.
I've never found the perfect extension. So I'm making it. The Gamma is the first extension that adapts to YOU.
I spied these prototype extensions at Retul Boulder - they look like VukaShift extensions with a bit more rise. Very interesting indeed.
There's plenty of talk about which extension is the best one. But that question doesn't have a simple answer. Here's our detailed take on the matter.
The Zipp VukaShift extensions are sleek and sexy, and aim to solve a classic problem with S-Bends. We think Zipp nailed it.