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TriRig Omega

  • Minimal, elegant, beautiful

  • Zero added frontal area

  • Works front and rear
    Wide-rim compatible

  • All brakes now include Gen 3 levers

  • Omega SV

  • Omega SV

  • Andy Potts has won multiple
    Ironman races on the Omega SV

  • Andy Potts has won multiple
    Ironman races on the Omega SV

  • Andy Potts has won multiple
    Ironman races on the Omega SV

  • Andy Potts has won multiple
    Ironman races on the Omega SV
  • Omega (Standard)

  • Omega SV

The TriRig Omega:
This is what the triathlon world has been waiting for. The TriRig Omega is the fastest mechanical production brake in the world. Finally ready to reach the hands of athletes all over the globe. The Omega was truly developed in the wind tunnel, and is the perfect finishing touch on any bike with a standard brake mount. You can see a gallery of high-res images of the Omega here, and read the entire development story for this amazing piece of hardware.

Omega SV:
You asked, we listened. The Omega SV is a two-post version of our revolutionary Omega brake for use on bikes like the Specialized Shiv, Kestrel 4000, and others. This is the same brake used by Andy Potts to win California 70.3 Oceanside 2013, and Jesse Thomas to three-peat at Wildflower 2013. The brake will include everything you need to mount it to your Shiv, Kestrel 4000, or other compatible bike. This version ONLY works with the two-post TRP U-brake mount for centerpull brakes. It will NOT work on a V-brake mount.

Please read all details carefully before ordering:
  • Every brake is sold individually (if you want a pair, you must order two brakes).
  • Every brake can be installed as either a front or rear brake using the included hardware.
  • Every brake includes Kool Stop Salmon brake pads (optimized for alloy rims). The brake shoes accept any Shimano/SRAM compatible pads.
  • Every brake includes the detachable, integrated cable hanger shown here. The Omega can be installed using the included hanger, or third-party hangers like this one (not included).
  • For mechanical information, please refer to our complete installation guide and F.A.Q.
  • As of January 15, 2014, every brake now includes Gen 3 Levers, reshaped to add stiffness and improve braking performance. The levers still have the rollers from the Gen 2 hardware that further improve function and durability.
  • Refer to the compatibility chart for specific bike info.
  • Weight: 124g per brake (including all hardware).

Omega Spare Parts

  • Spare pad holders
    For with Standard or SV brakes

  • Gen-3 Lever Kit
    For Standard brakes only

  • Front Plate

  • Kool Stop Salmon
    (for alloy rims)
  • Omega Spare Parts

Pad Holders

By popular demand, we now offer the Omega Brake Pad Holders for those who want an extra set. These pad holders REQUIRE that you already own a TriRig Omega brake - they are not compatible with other brakes. They work with both the Standard and the SV version of the brake. The Pad Holder Kits consist of two pad holders, two pad holder retention bolts, and two pad retention screws, all pictured.

  • Omega Standard (Gen 2 and later)
  • Omega SV (all versions)

Levers (out of stock)

Also available is the upgraded Lever kit is for the TriRig Omega Standard. This is our latest version of the rollercam brake levers, brand new for 2014. These have a new and improved shape, developed when we made the Omega SV. This shape makes them stiffer than previous versions of the levers, which results in additional braking power. The shape differences are all internal, and do not change the frontal profile of the brake (meaning the aerodynamics are unchanged). The Lever Kits consist of a new Wedge, and two levers, each of which has a roller and a stance width adjustment set screw. Again, the Lever Kits are compatible only with the Omega Standard.

  • Omega Standard (all versions)
  • NOT compatible with the Omega SV (the SV already has Gen 3 type levers)

Front Plate

Every once in a while, someone will get a little too zealous with their wrench, tighten too hard and crack their front plate. For those unfortunate events, we've got you covered. The Front Plate is now available for both the Omega and the Omega SV


Salmon Pads (for alloy rims) - In our opinion, these are the very best pads for use on alloy rims, anywhere. Kool Stop's unique pad formula has been the standard by which all other pads around the world are judged. They're affordable, highly durable, and have better stopping power than anything else out there. That's why we stock a set with every TriRig Omega brake. But because they're so good, we figured you might want to order extras, so we keep them in stock for that purpose.

If you use carbon rims, we recommend SwissStop Black Prince pads, or whatever pad your rim manufacturer recommends. At this time, we are no longer stocking carbon-specific pads.