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TriRig Alpha

  • Huge 6-to-1 Airfoil

  • Tiny frontal area

  • Perfect with Sigma stem

  • Ultra-light weight

  • Easy stack adjustment

  • Integrated under-mount
    for lower stack
  • Alpha

The Alpha aerobar is our most ambitious project to date. This is a true triathlete's bar, completely re-engineered to represent the best of all worlds: it's ultra light weight, incredibly aerodynamic, and very simple to adjust. Best of all, the Alpha will work with almost every bike on the market, due to its industry-standard 31.8mm clamp.

  • Alpha's base bar is made of carbon fiber for the lightest weight and highest stiffness, while maintaining a smooth shape that would be nearly impossible to achieve in alloy. It's finished with unidirectional fabric and minimal graphics for a beautiful, stealthy look.
  • Alpha can be purchased with our Gamma extensions at a slight discount, or purchased with no extensions.
  • Alpha can be used with any industry-standard 22.2mm outer diameter extensions. Most extensions with a nominal diameter of 22.0mm will work as well, including all of Zipp's extensions.
  • Alpha is compatible with any standard brake lever, including electronic components like Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS levers. There is plenty of room for internal cable routing with these systems.
  • The Alpha weighs approximately 560g when paired with a set of Gamma Carbon extensions. That weight will vary depending on what extensions you use, how long you cut them, and how many spacers you use.
  • Please refer to the Installation Guide for lots of details on the technical specifications of the Alpha.
  • You can read all about the history of the Alpha in previous articles we have written about it.

Alpha BTA Mount

  • The Alpha BTA Mount
    Simple, elegant, aero

  • Exceptionally light weight
    Just 20 grams

  • Skeletal structure preserves
    access to bolts

  • No bolt occlusion, even with
    bottle cage installed

  • Front-on view of the BTA kit
    Extra-short bolts stay hidden

  • The Spacer Kit
    Optional added stack
    (for BTA users only)
  • Alpha BTA Mount

BTA Mount

The world's best aerobar deserves the world's best BTA mount. The Alpha BTA mount is, much like the Alpha itself, both a highly complex design but also very simple in its implementation. Read all about the design process here. The mount is made of solid, unidirectional carbon fiber. Its skeleton-like structure keeps the weight down to an amazingly-low 20g, and it requires NO mounting hardware at all. Why is that? Because it acts like a standard Alpha spacer. You just line it up in your spacer stack tower, and the Alpha's standard thru-bolts keep it in place. It has two positions for bottle placement, and can be flipped forwards or backwards, essentially giving you four different mounting options for your bottle.

The kit includes everything you need: the carbon fiber BTA mount itself, as well as two M5 screws and washers for bottles. And unlike most mounts, these screws are special; we sourced extra-short M5 screws so that they don't protrude under the BTA mount. This thing is as sleek and aerodynamic as they come.

Keep in mind, this BTA mount is ONLY compatible with the TriRig Alpha aerobar. It will not work on any other bar.

Spacer Kit

An additional benefit of the BTA mount is that it provides additional structural strength to the spacer stack of the bar. Those of you who max out the Alpha's spacer tower may notice it's not quite as stable with all 35mm of spacers as it is if you have no spacers at all. The BTA mount brings rock-solid stability back to the bar.

So, since the mount affords extra stability, we can offer additional spacers to those of you using the mount. As an optional extra with the BTA mount, you can order the extra Spacer Kit, which allows you to go up another 10mm or 20mm of stack height. The Spacer Kit includes two 10mm spacers, two 20m spacers, four 85mm thru-bolts, and four 95mm thru-bolts. This Spacer Kit can ONLY be purchased WITH the BTA Mount. It is not available separately, because as mentioned above, these extra spacers would result in an unstable tower. The extra stack height requires the BTA mount to lock the towers together and provide that stability.

Alpha Spare Parts

  • Arm pads + velcro sheets

  • Extension Clamp Kit

  • Spacer Kit
  • Alpha Spare Parts

TriRig is proud to make Alpha's spare parts available for separate purchase. All of these parts are already included when you buy the Alpha aerobar, but if you need replacements, here they are. You can now buy all of the following:

  • Arm Pads: these are the standard Alpha foam gel arm pads, complete with the self-adhesive velcro sheet that goes on the arm cup itself, and grabs the pads.
  • Extension Clamp Kit: Alpha's revolutionary Extension Clamp hardware is now available in a replacement kit. The kit includes exactly what's shown in the picture: two Alpha Extension Clamps, two corresponding Clamp Nuts, and four M4 x 16mm stainless steel socket screws.
  • Spacer Kit: we know that not everyone always needs EVERYTHING in a particular set of hardware, so we separated the Extension Clamp Kit and this Spacer Kit into two separate store items. That way, you can buy only what you need, instead of having to buy one big expensive kit containing things you didn't. This kit contains ALL the countersunk bolts AND the aero spacers that originally ship with the Alpha.

Please refer to the Alpha Installation Guide for more information on using and adjusting all of these parts.

TriRig Gamma Extensions

  • Durable carbon construction

  • Closeup of the unidirectional carbon
    with black logos

  • Only bar on the market with
    an ideal 16-degree bend

  • Extra-long, designed to be
    trimmed at both ends

  • Flexible cable routing options
  • Gamma Carbon Extensions

CARBON FIBER version is now available! Alloy version has been discontinued.

The TriRig Gamma extensions are a very simple-looking piece of hardware with a bit of clever thought behind them. When we unveiled the concept, triathletes everywhere had only one question: when would they be available? Well, here they are.

Here are all the details:
  • Each order is for a pair of two extensions.
  • Extensions use the industry-standard 22.2mm outer diameter, 19.3mm inner diameter, and are compatible with almost all aerobars and shifters on the market.
  • Each extension is made from carbon fiber, using interior layers of 3k fabric for stiffness, and finished with an outer layer of unidirectional layer for an absolutely beautiful look. Black, laser-cut vinyl logos complete the stealth appearance of these one-of-a-kind extensions (pictures with white logos are from the discontinued aluminum version).
  • The ideal 16-degree bend provides superior comfort and precise stack height control.
  • Extra-long extensions are designed to be cut at both ends to allow you to dial in your position with unprecedented precision. The uncut extensions are approximately 18 inches long, while most athletes will need only 10 inches or so. The extra length allows you to decide how much of the bar is rising versus flat, providing a very precise method of controlling both stack and reach.
  • Three Di2-compatible cable ports allow flexible internal OR external routing.
  • Please consult the video below for installation instructions.
  • Read the whole Gamma story HERE.
  • Carbon extensions, uncut (450mm): 150g per pair.
  • Most users will trim to about 250mm, further reducing the weight.
Notes for cutting carbon:
  • If you are not familiar cutting carbon fiber tubing, consult your local bike shop. We recommend a hacksaw blade with a minimum of 32tpi, and wrapping the extension in masking tape before making the cut, in order to prevent fraying.
  • The diameter of the extensions is only controlled for a few centimeters on each end. Once you cut the extensions, you may need to ream the inner diameter in order to insert your shifter plug. This can be accomplished with a Dremel or other rotary tool using a large sanding drum or grinding drum. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of procedure, consult a bike shop.
  • TriRig will not be responsible for any damage caused by the user.