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TriRig Mercury

  • TriRig Mercury Pedals

  • Ultra-simple design

  • Just 93g per pair!

  • Simple, easy-to-clean cleats

  • Adjustable Q-factor
  • Mercury Pedals

The TriRig Mercury is our take on the perfect pedal. It's ultra-light, incredibly simple, and provides the most solid pedaling platform you'll ever experience. It's a radical departure from the standard offerings on the market today, and because of that, we are offering a six-month return policy so that you can try out the pedals without fear that they won't work for you. We're so confident that you'll love them, we have no problem letting you use them for an entire racing season -- if you don't like them, send them back for a full refund.

For full installation instructions, please read the installation guide and watch the video below. For an in-depth look at what Mercury is all about, check out the introduction. Here are the highlights:

  • Ultra light, at just 46.5 grams per pedal, and a complete system weight (both pedals, both cleats, and all fasteners) of 151 grams.
  • Ultra-low stack of just 10.5mm - the lowest stack on the market for 3-hole road shoes.
  • Adjustable Q-factor to fine-tune your stance width. Mercury is the only pedal on the market with this feature.
  • Incredibly simple design, just three parts per pedal (titanium Spindle, nylon Bearing, aluminum End Bolt). Mercury is an easy-to-service, virtually zero-maintenance product.
  • Replacement cleats and bearings will be available in the coming months right here on this page, but are currently not available for purchase.

Mercury Return Policy:
  • You have 180 days from the date of purchase to request a return on Mercury. We will not extend this time frame for any reason.
  • The pedals need not be in pristine condition upon return. We understand you're going to use them, and that the plastic components will likely suffer some wear. The cleats, bearings, and spacers may be in any condition upon return.
  • The aluminum M8 bolts must be in like new condition. If not, your return will still be accepted, but we may assess a $20 for each broken bolt in order to refurbish the pedal with a new one.
  • The titanium spindle bodies MUST be in like-new condition in order for us to accept a return. A pedal CANNOT be returned if there is damage to the internal or external threads, or if either spindle has been cracked, broken, bent, or otherwise damaged.
  • If your return is accepted, you will be refunded the original purchase price you paid for the Mercury pedals, excluding shipping. You are also responsible for the return shipping back to TriRig, as well as any PayPal fees associated with the refund.
  • This return policy supersedes our standard return policy, and applies ONLY to Mercury pedals. If you order any other items from TriRig, they are subject to the standard return policy.

Mercury Replacement Parts

  • Replacement Cleats
    (with hardware)

  • Standard Bearings

  • Oversized Bearings

  • End Bolts

  • Spacer Kit
  • Mercury Spare Parts

By popular demand, we are now making all of the individual parts for Mercury available for separate purchase. ALL of these parts are already included when you buy the Mercury pedals. But if you need extras, here they are. You can now buy all of the following:

  • Replacement Cleats: including two nylon Mercury cleats and all mounting hardware (six M5 socket screws, six M5 washers, and six oval sub-washers)
  • Standard Bearings: these nylon cylinders have a grey mottled appearance, almost like that of carbon fiber, and are the standard bearings pre-installed on every Mercury pedal.
  • Oversized Bearings: dark brown in appearance, these bearings have a very slightly larger outer diameter than their standard counterparts, and may be necessary depending on the particular shape of your shoe and how it interfaces with the Mercury cleat.
  • End Bolts: these are the bolts that keep the bearings properly seated on the Mercury spindle. The Drive-Side bolt has a flush outer face, and LEFT-HAND threading. The Non-Drive-Side bolt has a groove on its outer face, and standard RIGHT-HAND threading.
  • Spacer Kit: these spacers are part of Mercury's unique Q-factor adjustment feature. Nothing else on the market allows you to adjust so much of your pedal's stance width without ever changing the spindle! Each Mercury pedal can be fitted with no spacers (+0mm), the 3mm spacer, the 6mm spacer, or both (+9mm).

Be sure to see the Mercury installation page for more information on using and adjusting all of these parts.