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Welcome to TriRig! We are fascinated with triathlon gear, and that's what this place is all about. In June 2010, the site was launched. TriRig was originally a review site; we set out to provide the most thoughtful, in-depth, beautifully-photographed reviews of triathlon equipment ever written. Tri gear needs that kind of care, because it is some of the most sophisticated, forward-thinking, precision-engineered athletic equipment on the planet. So we gave tri gear the spotlight it deserved, with hundreds of articles read by millions of readers. We illustrate the site with beautiful, dynamic photography. We want to help educate readers, not only about about the equipment itself, but about the philosophy behind its design. Ultimately, we want to make our readers more intelligent cosumers, and more competent athletes.

TriRig was born out of a love of gear. We started out as a review site, but now we focus on designing and manufacturing the most innovative parts on the market.

But spending so much time evaluating the triathlon equipment landscape, TriRig founder Nick Salazar began to see holes in the market. Nick had a vision for certain products that just didn't exist. And so TriRig decided to bring these ideas to life by manufacturing some products of our own. Our first true breakthrough was the Omega brake, the cleanest, most aerodynamic, and most functional brake ever made for any triathlon or road bike. It was a revelation to triathletes around the globe, and made its way into every level of competition, from the local sprint tri, to the Ironman Hawaii World Championships, and has even been ridden in the Tour de France. Omega served a need that no other product had.

And since that time, TriRig has continued to innovate, developing new products each year. Our products have a reputation for their elegant design, beautiful form, and superlative function. All the products we sell are made with the same attention to detail that has always made TriRig unique.

In short, TriRig is all about being more thoughtful about what makes tri gear great, whether that means writing an article, or making something new.

Nick Salazar, Owner & Founder

TriRig Owner and Founder Nick Salazar

Nick was introduced to triathlon in 2000 as a means to stay in shape, have fun, and enjoy the outdoors. At the University of Colorado, Nick served as Team President, and led the Buffs to a 2005 National Championship title in Lake Havasu, Arizona. People came to know him as a tech-head, tinkerer, and gear monger. He's obsessed with the cutting-edge of equipment. And after so many years in this sport, he's as excited about it than ever.

Nick's work spans broad range of disciplines. In the context of TriRig, Nick's titles include editor-in-chief, principal photographer, and product designer/engineer.

His photography has appeared in the pages of Inside Triathlon, Triathlete, TRI Magazine, Men's Journal, and more. Many manufacturers both inside and outside the world of sport have relied on Nick's work in their advertising.

Nick is also the designer and engineer for all of TriRig's original products. Nick does everything from original concept, to 3D modeling, prototyping, testing, and finally overseeing final manufacturing and distribution.

TriRig is Nick's labor of love, bringing together his passions for photography, journalism, design, and of course, insane amounts of gear. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!

Jeremiah Mitchell, Shipping & Logistics

TriRig Logistics Coordinator Jeremiah Mitchell

Jeremiah has been in the sport for over a decade, and racing professionally since 2015. He got his start working with Dash Cycles working primarily on the saddle line. In late 2016, he came on board with TriRig and has taken over the shipping and logistics side of things, and has recently been taking on a majority of TriRig's customer service as well. If you've had a positive experience with TriRig customer service any time since early 2017, there's a fair bet that you have Jeremiah to thank for it.

Jeremiah is a quick learner, hard worker, and always willing and eager to take on any task thrown at him. He has been an invaluable asset to TriRig since he came on.

Recently, Jeremiah retired his old race rig for a brand new Omni, and won his first race aboard the bike, setting a bike course record in the process. Read more about Jeremiah in his introduction article.

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