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Alden Carbon Computer Mounts, Tire Levers

We have covered Glen Alden's foray into custom parts manufacturing since he first began over seven years ago. In the time since then, he has branded his parts as Alden Carbon and is turning out some very special and useful little bits. What began as bento boxes and chainring covers has expanded to a very nice lineup of Garmin mounts, BTA mounts, tilting cups, and more.

In fact, when a reader asks me to recommend a Garmin mount for a tricky or unique application, Alden Carbon often tops the list. Today we are looking at some new Garmin Mounts that are particularly versatile, as well as some snazzy new tire levers.

Computer Mounts

First up is a stalwart of Alden's product line, his very popular Garmin mounts. They are mostly flat, with a curved section on each end to wrap around the top of your extensions. A couple holes on each side let you affix them by zip-tie. There are two parts to the mount, which slide past one another, to create different effective stance widths to match your particular setup. There's also a little wiggle room to angle inward or outward depending on your precise extension geometry. Alden includes some very nice zip ties that have an internal steel grip, to ensure a good solid mount. However, I still use a double-sided tape where the mount meets the extensions, to prevent the mount from sliding around on your extensions. I generally don't trust zip ties to eliminate that movement on their own.

The benefit of this setup is that it ends up very light, rock solid, and in precisely the right spot. It's also a very minimal piece of kit, about as small as it gets. The only real drawback is that, due to the overlapping nature of the two-part design, each side has only about 30mm of stance width adjustment range. There are four different versions which will fit just about any setup out there, but you do need to measure carefully and make sure you order the right version. You also want to be relatively sure that your extension stance width isn't going to change much, because if it did you might find that your mount doesn't fit your setup any more.

Computer Mount 
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