Andy Potts' Custom Kestrel 4000 Bikes

In September of last year, I had the privilege of working on Potts' bikes for the first time, doing a custom treatment to help eliminate excess wire and drag from his Kestrel 4000 rigs. This year, I wanted to improve on the previous effort, which ended up resulting in some serious modifications and adjustments. So this time around, we pulled out all the stops, doing modifications including drilling the frame, cutting the aerobars, and splicing-and-soldering Di2 wires to achieve the cleanest version of this bike possible. Check the video above for a video walkthrough of the bikes, done by Potts himself, and be sure to look the gallery below for lots of inside info in the captions.

Andy's first race after we built these bikes was Ironman Coeur d'Alene, where he rode the black bike to victory! That gives an awesome feeling of validation to us at TriRig, and we're always happy to see Andy ride to the win. Go Potts!