Andy Potts signs with TriRig to ride the Omega X Brakes

TriRig is incredibly proud to announce that Andy Potts, Ironman champion and long-time rider of our Omega brakes, has officially signed with TriRig as a sponsored athlete. We we will be equipping him for the 2016 season as Andy looks to his ultimate goal of climbing the podium at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

If you look back at our previous articles about Andy, you'll see that the Olympian and 70.3 World Champion has been riding our Omega brakes for quite some time. In fact, his first outing with the Omega was back in 2013 when he rode it to victory at Oceanside 70.3! (Second place that day was Jesse Thomas, also riding an Omega brake!)

Now, after riding nearly four years in an unofficial capacity, Andy is riding the Omega X brake as an official brand ambassador, and is gearing up for an incredible season on his way to Hawaii in October. For those of you who like the "inside scoop" of things, we can say that throughout Andy's time riding the brakes, we were always incredibly proud of what he was doing in the sport, and the small part we could be of his successes. It was just never a functional possibility to make him an official athlete for various reasons. When the opportunity for an official sponsorship finally became possible, we jumped on it. We're so excited to have such an awesome person on board with us, and I can't wait to see what he does this year. Thanks so much, Andy!

Get your own Omega X brake in the TriRig Store. Check out the video above for a detailed look at his rig, and see the gallery below for lots more photos of how the Omega X helps keep things as slick as possible on his Cannondale Slice.