PRO RIG: Ben Deal's Ceepo Shadow R

Ben Deal is a brand new tri pro enjoying the vagabond life of traveling to races on the cheap, and trying to build up his bikes just as cheaply. Despite his limited budget and new status, he and wife Summer (she's not a pro, yet anyway) both have some very slick rigs, and we were excited to touch base with them and get some photos. Once we met Ben in person, we were amazed at how gracious and humble both he and Summer really are. That can be a rare quality among pros, especially new pros who sometimes want the world delivered on a silver platter. Ben and Summer both have great respect for the sport, humility for where they are, and an optimistic drive to do the best they can and enjoy the journey. Ben has real respect for the sport's greats like Andy Potts and want to do their best to emulate the longevity and success of his career.

There isn't much on Ben's Ceepo Shadow-R that can be replaced, as most of the parts are quite integrated. However, we gave him a Kappa cage for his rear hydration, and some Aero Bar Plugs to finish off the front of his non-drive-side extension, which has no shifter due to Ben running a 1x setup.