Delta: Instant Superbike

Delta: Instant Superbike

A clean front end is crucial; it's the key to clean aerodynamics, clean aesthetics, and superbike performance. It's the hallmark of a good rig. But you used to have to buy a high-end bike like Omni to get one. Until now.

Introducing Delta. Delta is a universal aero, the first product of its kind, designed to work with our existing brakes, stems, and aerobars, to create a completely-integrated front end that hides cables and components, guiding airflow smoothly past your bike's head tube and turning even the most basic rig into an ultra-clean superbike.

We've said it many times: the clean air hitting the front of the bike is the most critical area, ensuring you can keep that air clean, to create smooth airflow over the rest of the bike. That's exactly what Delta helps you do, with minimum fuss and maximum results. In fact, Delta offers aero savings on par with a high-end aerobar upgrade! The savings are greater than even what you get upgrading a sidepull brake to an Omega brake.

Delta was designed to be used on bikes with a standard head tube (such as the Cervelo P-Series, the Quintana Roo PRFive/PRFour/PRThree, the Specialized Shiv, etc). It is not meant for bikes with a protruding head tube (like the Felt IA series) or bayonet-style forks (like the Felt DA). Delta is meant to integrate with our Omega brakes and Alpha handlebars, and while it is possible that it would work with some third-party brakes or handlebars, we do not guarantee fitment. And due to its trim-to-size nature, we cannot offer returns on Delta.

Delta continues the TriRig tradition of simple, thoughtful, and elegant products designed to make you faster, without causing a headache for you or your mechanic. It's a straightforward, turnkey solution that transforms your bike without destroying your wallet.