Epix Gear Custom GoFierce Kit


I've been writing about for a long time. They first caught my eye with their incredibly wild designs, and an interesting business model of constantly-rotating graphic designs as well as apparel design. Moreover, the company was perhaps the first in the industry to offer one-piece minimum orders on fully-sublimated apparel. Some others have recently adpoted that model, and while Epix has generally been the brand to beat on pricing for low-quantity custom apparel, they haven't always had a true top-shelf trisuit line. Until now.

Epix got in touch a few months ago and let us know about their newer GoFierce lineup, a new suit featuring higher-end fabrics, a tighter race-worthy cut, laser-cut leg grippers, and still available in the full-custom goodness that Epix is known for.

I went through the full design process, which is what any team would experience when ordering custom kit from Epix Gear. The process involved multiple rounds of input back and forth, to arrive at the designs you see here. For individuals ordering just one piece, the process would be a little more streamlined, owing to the lower volume of sales and the time involved.

In Round 1, Epix created a trio of different designs, based on more simple geometric shapes (rather than wilder tattoo-esque shapes Epix also often does). Using these starting points as an inspiration, I worked up what would become the final design for the suit. Epix then ported that design to a two-piece suit as well, extending some of the design elements I created over to the sleeved top. You can see the full design process below.

  • Design idea 1

  • Design idea 2