Epix pt 2 - Ironman Suit

Epix pt 2 - Ironman Suit

In part 1 of our review of Epix Gear, we reviewed the wild Muscle Suit. In that review, we found a suit that was as wild as it was usable. This time, Epix has designed a tri suit modeled after the armor of a familiar comic book and movie hero, and dubbed it the Ironman Suit (pun definitely intended). The styling is impeccable. Most of the suit is adorned with what look like panels of armor, each with its own gradient to emulate brushed metal.

We definitely like this suit, don't get us wrong. But there are a couple areas where we'd like to see changes. I guess the attention to detail on the Muscle Suit had us spoiled. When you get up close to the suit, you see that the design is just a bunch of shapes. There's no grain to emulate real metal, which would have been easy for Epix to throw in, since this is a fully-sublimated suit (more on that below). And while they were at it, they could have thrown in little details like pop rivets, bolts, etc. that would really sell the illusion.


We'd love to see a suit with these colors. And it'd be cool if I had repulsors in my hands too.


Aaaand, if we're going for the real look of a certain superhero, why not get the colors right? In the title image to the left, we photoshopped in what could be an alternate color scheme for the suit, to make it look more like Marvel's Iron Man. To be clear, this is NOT a colorway that Epix makes. It's all Photoshop magic. Obviously, Epix could be running into legal gray area if they make their suits too close to existing designs. But other companies have successfully licensed the right to produce such items (like the now-defunct Pure Hero cycling jersey brand). We think it'd be awesome to have a whole line of superhero tri suits, with true-to-source design and coloring.

As is, however, the suit is fantastic, and definitely fun to throw on. Plus, if you're speeding down the road at 20+ MPH, it's going to be tough to pick out the small details we're talking about above.

Style AND Substance

The Ironman suit is made with the exact same cut, materials, and features as the Muscle Suit we reviewed earlier. And that's a good thing indeed. The design is fully sublimated, so the pattern won't fade or crack off. The suit features a three-quarters front zip, no waistline seam (which we love), and two deep rear pockets. We happen to really like all of these features, but athletes competing in a wetsuit-illegal environment might not like how deep the pockets are, which can pick up some extra drag in the pool. We don't find it to be a big issue, though, and like having the secure storage space that the deep pockets provide.