Introducing Jeremiah Mitchell

Introducing Jeremiah Mitchell  
 Sep 28, 2017 article by Jeremiah Mitchell, images by N. Salazar, Racing Underground

Note from TriRig Publisher Nick Salazar - Hey everybody. TriRig has been honored and delighted to be working with pro triathlete Jeremiah Mitchell since late 2016. Here is a look at his new Omni rig, and a little biography written by Jeremiah himself. And check out the video of his rig. Enjoy!

Hi! My name is Jeremiah Mitchell. I earned my USA Triathlon Elite license in 2015, in my 10th year of racing triathlon. Navigating the new higher-level of competition has been a challenging and humbling journey but has been much improved thanks to my amazing partners. Shortly after my first race in the Professional Division at Boulder 70.3 in 2015 I was connected with Dash Cycles in Denver and began working with them primarily on their saddle line. I learned a lot about the startup environment and what it takes to create unique bicycle products that are both very light and very aerodynamic. The guys there taught me how much effort it takes to ride the fine line between those two goals, in order to accomplish real-world gains in speed on the bike.

The skills I learned at Dash Cycles translated well into a role with Nick at TriRig, where I began to work in late 2016. TriRig was a familiar environment, much like the one I saw at Dash, and I have really enjoyed my time here.

Introducing Jeremiah Mitchell
Jeremiah took the win and set a bike course record at Littlefoot 2017
When I first started working with TriRig, I was racing on a Cervelo P5-Six. The P5 was already a big upgrade for me from the Specialized Transition I was racing on before - in terms of frame weight, stiffness, aerodynamics, and componentry. Like many triathletes, I travel for races by plane and was struggling with the complexity of packing and unpacking the P5 on the lookout for easier solutions with travel.

Having such close access to TriRig products was very tempting, so I began replacing the components of my bike that were making the P5 so challenging to pack. First up, I replaced the Magura RT8TT hydraulic braking system with the slick and simple Omega X brakes. These proved to be a breeze for adjustment and disassembly. As far as I understand, these are likely the most popular brakes on the market, and with good reason.

Next up, I swapped out the Aduro Aerobar that comes standard on a full P5 build with the TriRig Alpha X aerobar complete with Gamma extensions, Alpha X Tilt Kit, and updated Ergo cups and pads. The Alpha X system make packing much easier with far less bolts to fuss with in the process, and allowed me to tinker with my fit much more easily than the Aduro bar. I have come down about 30mm since first bolting on the Alpha X. Moreover, the Alpha X has integrated grip paint on the bull horns, allowing me to skip bar tape for better aerodynamics and greater simplicity. The tilt kit makes for getting the perfect fit and position much easier with up to 20 degrees of tilt. The Ergo cups are, as the name implies, incredibly comfortable compared to any other aerobar pads I've used. They truly give me much more confidence in the aero position, and help me stay in aero for much longer than I used to, especially when rounding a corner, bombing a descent, or navigating rough roads.

Jeremiah has been refining his position on Omni, riding very aggressively now