Introducing the TriRig Mercury

Introducing the TriRig Mercury
Introducing the TriRig Mercury

2013 is going to be an expansive year for TriRig products. We'll be introducing a pretty big range of new products, including the Alpha aerobar, the Sigma stem, and what we're announcing today, our brand new Mercury pedals. Mercury represents a significant re-thinking of the most fundamental contact point on the bicycle. What sets the Mercury apart from other pedals on the market? Just about everything. Back in July, we published a pedal shootout which surveyed the major types of pedals on the market, organized by retention method. And in that article, we teased that we were working on a pedal based on the very old Aerolite sleeve-bearing type. I like the minimal simplicity of Aerolite, but figured it really deserved an update to be compatible with standard 3-bolt mounting patterns. But that's just the beginning of what Mercury is. There's nothing else quite like it, and we think it's going to blow you away.

But before we get into all the details, here are the quick hits of what Mercury is all about:

Ultra light, at just 35 grams per pedal, and a complete system weight (with cleats and all fasteners) of 136 grams.
Ultra-low stack of just 10.5mm - the lowest stack on the market for 3-hole road shoes.
Adjustable Q-factor to fine-tune your stance width. Only pedal on the market with this feature.
Incredibly simple design, just three parts per pedal (titanium spindle, nylon bearing, alloy cap screw). Mercury is an easy to service, virtually zero-maintenance product.
An awesome SIX MONTH RETURN POLICY with NO restocking fee, so you can try the pedals out as long as you need to, to make sure they're right for you.
Release date, approximately June 2013, price has not yet been determined. For up-to-date news on Mercury and all our products, the best thing to do is sign up for our Newsletter.
Let's touch on that last note, about the return policy. We took a page from the Cobb Cycling playbook. Why are we breaking from our standard returns policy for these pedals? Well, it's because the Mercury represents a bit of a paradigm shift from the prevailing pedal philosophy, and we want everyone to be comfortable trying it out. So we give you six months to use them and abuse them, ride them hard, train and race in them, and really find out if they're right for you. If they don't work, we'll take them back and give you a full refund - no restocking fee. It doesn't matter what kind of shape the pedals are in - if they didn't work for you, we'll take them back.

Also, note that the images in this article are all 3D renders. However, we've been riding a set of Mercury prototypes for some time now, and they're delivering exactly as expected. They don't yet have the final hardware that's shown in these renders, but as soon as the prototypes have been re-fitted with the final production hardware, we'll post another article with images of the actual product. With that said, let's look at the design aspects of what makes these pedals so special.