Ironman Boulder: Digging Deeper

Ironman Boulder: Digging Deeper

Overall, Justin has some good choices on the bike: solid aero position, a good set of wheels, has a BTA bottle hidden between his arms, and is rocking Dura-Ace Di2 (my favorite drivetrain). But beyond that, things get a little messy ...

Justin Daerr's Javelin Lugano » Race winner Justin Daerr came into the race as a dark horse, beating out the better-known Richie Cunningham to take the win. Just as surprising was the fact that he won aboard a rather dated rig, featuring none of the latest-generation aero design or integration features.

After the exciting race day at Ironman Boulder, we wanted to take a step closer and detail a couple of the rigs that won the day. On the men's side, new champ Justin Daerr won aboard a rather uninspiring bike where there is probably LOTS of room for improvement. On the women's side, we weren't able to snap a picture of winner Danielle Kehoe, but it happens that the runner up, Laura Bennett, happens to be on the exact same bike: a New Trek Speed Concept. Here are the ins and outs of both bikes.