Is this the Cervelo P5 (or PX)?

Is this the Cervelo P5 (or PX)?

I may have just seen the new Cervelo P5 (or PX, or whatever it will be called). At least, I've seen what led to its development. Let me back up.

"Wind-tunnel-tested" and "Wind-tunnel-developed" are phrases we hear a LOT in the world of triathlon bikes. Every company claims they've done their homework, so to speak. But I don't think anyone backs up their claims as seriously as Cervelo does. These guys practically live at the wind tunnel. So it was a great surprise when I saw Phil White, co-founder of the company, sitting under a small Cervelo tent in the Ironman Village at the expo for the World Championships in Kona.

And he brought something AMAZING with him.

Sitting quite conspicuously in the tent, surrounded by four completely blank white frames of previous Cervelo TT bikes, was what Phil called the "Wind Tunnel Test Mule." It's a steel scaffolding to which their engineers can bolt prototyped parts, making it easy to run different scenarios with different parts attached. It truly allows them to develop the frame using the wind tunnel.

I think the video below, and the gallery that accompanies it, will speak for itself. Enjoy the speculation, and according to Phil White, we'll see something official closer to December or January.