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Jaybird Wireless Freedom Review

Jaybird Wireless Freedom Review

As someone addicted to running with my iPhone, I have long marveled that technology could produce such a sleek phone-music-GPS-app device, while the headphone tangle situation remained such a disaster. Ear buds were a huge improvement over the headphones that come with the iPhone as they block sound and don't fall out when they get sweaty, but the cords were still limiting. I tried using various bluetooth devices, but none that could stay in while running.

Then I tried the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds. Here was a sleek pair of Bluetooth earbuds that paired easily with my iPhone, provided about 4 hours of continuous use, blocked outside noise and facilitated crystal-clear phone calls. The unit came with two sizes of earbuds - the smalls fit me well - and flexible over-the-ear hooks that swivel to ensure a perfect fit. After a few adjustments the first time out - I found the neck band went better over my ponytail than under, and angling the earpiece units to align with my jaw eliminated bounce - they were hardly noticeable. The sound was perfectly clear for music, and though the earbuds did block all outside sound, I could hear my own voice normally so I didn't shout on phone calls. An easily-accessible button on the right earpiece is all you need to answer or end a call, pause your music or pick it up where you left off. Pushing the button didn't make the earpiece fall out, which was a plus.

The unit did provide a reliable 4 hours of continuous music on one battery charge, so if you run a fast enough marathon, I'd say these are the buds for you. Any longer than that, though, and you'll need to take them out and stuff them in your pocket. I have pretty sensitive ear cartilage, but I found these comfortable enough to wear for the life of the battery. Not getting tangled up in cords was wonderful - not just for running miles, but for running around town, running errands, and life in general.

As much as I liked them, I wouldn't say that the Jaybird Freedom Earbuds are the peak of perfection. They are a little heavy, the neck cord does bounce a bit, and though they never did fall completely out of my ears while running, the occasional adjustment was necessary. However, as compared to cords that get tangled and accidentally yanked out by a swinging hand, these buds are a huge step towards a sleek sound delivery device to match my fancy phone.