PRO RIG: Jesper Svensson's TriRig-equipped Ventum One

Jesper Svensson's TriRig-equipped Ventum One

Jesper Svensson is one of the brightest rising stars in long-course triathlon. The 28-year-old Swedish phenom has won two full-distance Ironman races. Earlier this month, Jesper reached out to TriRig to ask for some support making his rig as fast as possible. After we outfitted him with Alpha One aerobars, Beta rear carrier with Kappa cages, and our ultra-slippery Styx skewers, Jesper stormed to second place at the renowned Challenge Roth amidst a field of world-class athletes.

Check out the gallery below for all the nice details of his Ventum One rig, and head to the TriRig Store to get all his gear for yourself! All images courtesy Jesper Svensson himself!