Jimmy Seear's Cervelo P5

Jimmy Seear's Cervelo P5

I have had a great time over the last year talking shop with pro triathete Jimmy Seear. At age 27, he's relatively early in his triathlon career, but has already developed some killer biking legs. When you watch him ride, it's obvious to see that he's dedicated a lot of time to shedding drag (via an awesome position and a clean rig) and building Watts (with a whole lot of training). I met Jimmy at a chance encounter at the 2013 edition of Boulder Peak. As I was shooting pictures of his bike, he yelled out 'Hey TriRig, I love your brake!' Later that year, we did a Service Course treatment to his Blue Triad SL, cleaning up the front cable situation with his Di2 wires. This year, he's opted out of a deal with Blue, and is riding unsponsored. So, having his pick of the superbike litter, he chose a Cervelo P5, with basically the exact setup I'd choose to ride it with if I still had one. It sports a full TriRig cockpit, complete with Alpha aerobars, Gamma extensions, Sigma stem, and dual Omega brakes. As of this writing, I'm not paying Jimmy anything to use all these TriRig products - he uses it because he thinks it's the best way to keep him going fast on the bike. All of us at TriRig are incredibly proud to see athletes do that kind of thing, and Jimmy isn't the only one who has chosen TriRig parts of his own accord.
As we go over the rest of the bike, we keep seeing dual themes of elegance and

cleanliness. A Dura-Ace SRM with Osymetric chainrings reports his power to a Garmin head unit clicked into the integrated mount on the Speedfil Z4 BTA cage, sitting just forward of his narrow arm pads on the Alpha aerobar. Dura-Ace Di2 9070 gives him 11 speeds in back and two up front, and ultra-clean lines everywhere. A Cobb Gen 2 saddle keeps him comfortably in aero, and that little saddlebag behind it is just a training implement, taken off for race day. The FLO 60/90 wheelset in these photos are actually my pair, and we put them on just for show. Jimmy brought the bike over with training wheels on, but we both figured that a bike this nice desered to be photographed with something a little nicer. He came over just for some little tweaks to the bars and cables, and now everything is spot on and humming beautifully. I love the way this rig looks, and how clean Jimmy's choices are. Watch for Jimmy later on this summer when we cover Boulder Peak and Ironman Boulder 70.3 - he will be doing both of those races. Enjoy the ride, Jimmy! And thanks for stopping by.