Kona 2014: Maik Twelsiek's Dimond Bike

Kona 2014: Maik Twelsiek's Dimond Bike

From this angle, it's quite easy to see what's NOT there - the seat tube!

Maik Twelsiek is sometimes known as the GCM, or 'German Cycling Machine,' and he has the legs to prove it. The man is FAST. This year, he's hoping to take that speed to a new level with the Dimond beam bike, manufactured by fellow pro T.J. Tollakson. We caught up with Maik to have a closer look at his bike, and were delighted to know he's enjoying the TriRig Omega brakes that Dimond stocks with the rig. 'They are very aero, and they work great,' he told us. Good luck out there, Mr. GCM!