Louis Garneau Course Helmet, M2 Tri Suit, TRI-400 Shoes

Louis Garneau Course Helmet, M2 Tri Suit, TRI-400 Shoes

M-2 Tri Suit » Okay, this is just awesome. Mid-sleeve speedsuits have generally been the exclusive purview of the road TT'er, but no longer. Although LG isn't the first brand to release a tri-spefic mid-sleever, I daresay theirs might be the best. This one is based off of their AMAZING Course skin suit, which features a unique integrated bibshort construction. It's basically a full bibshort + jersey integrated together, in a way unlike traditional suits. Check the gallery for exactly how that works. The tri chamois is decidedly easier to run in than the road suit (which chafed me a bit on the run), the suit fits beautifully, the suit is finished off with laser-cut hems, and high-end textured fabrics abound. My only complaint is that the only pockets here are two tiny little flaps on the bib straps of the suit, which are very small, and require you to unzip the suit almost all the way to access. I'd have loved it if they ALSO included the floating pockets found on the Course Skin Suit, which were minimal but very useful (and couldn't have been too much of an aero penalty). Maybe for the M-3!

Once just an apparel brand, Louis Garneau is beginning to take the tri world by storm. From jerseys and bibs, they've moved into helmets, footwear, and even complete bicycles! We saw their new tri bike effort at Interbike this year, and have reviewed several other products of theirs in the past, like the excellent P-09 Aero helmet. Today we focus on three new products from the veteran brand, including their much-lauded Course aero road helmet, as well as the new TRI-400 shoes, and most interestingly the brand new, very cool mid-sleeve M-2 Tri Suit!