MORF Tech Aerobar

Lots of people will have an "aha!" moment in their lives, when they think of a unique and novel product idea, intended to solve an old problem in a brand new way. Frank Springett is one of the rare few who doggedly pursued his "aha!" moment, to bring it to fruition. The result is the MORF Technology aerobar, a set of articulating arms that transforms from base bar to aero extensions, and back.

n a nutshell, MORF is a basebar that transforms into aero extensions. You keep hold of the brake/shifter area at all times, and the bar follows your arms as you go into the aero tuck and back.

I absolutely love seeing novel and innovative ideas. So when Frank invited me to come check it out, I told him that I was delighted to do so. Both of us are aware of TriRig's conflict, since TriRig sells our own aerobars, but the gearhead in me just wants to see these things. Below are my observations, which I try to keep as objective as possible. My criticisms take up a bit more of the page, mostly because I want to justify them. Dear readers, please draw your own conclusions. I think Frank's invention is more than deserving of a look, and so I'm more than happy to give him the press.