Power Up, pt 4: Andy Potts

As promised earlier, we're going to hear from a pro in the trenches. And perhaps no one is more committed to the rigorous, methodical use of power than Andy Potts. The 2004 Olympian and 70.3 powerhouse lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two kids, and uses his home workout pad as a base of operations for all his cycling workouts.

Andy built a separate structure in his back yard, the size of a single-car garage, and made it into his own space just for working out. But calling it a "workout pad" doesn't do it justice. Potts named it the Pain Cave, and it's everything a triathlete could dream for. It has a pilates machine, treadmill, weights, fitness equipment, a full linen closet, refrigerator, surround stereo system, and a flatscreen TV. But the bread and butter of this place is the bike trainer - a Computrainer, to be precise. Potts puts in countless hours sitting on his race bike, a Kestrel 4000 SL, and churning away on his Computrainer.

In fact, Potts does nearly all of his bike training here, and avoids outdoor rides even when the weather is fine. Why? Well, I could talk to you about consistency, FTP, or the stochastic nature of power data, but Andy did a great job of explaining it himself. Watch the full interview below where Andy gave very generously of his time to chat with me about power, and what it means for the age grouper and pro triathlete alike.

I'd like to thank Andy for letting me in to his home to chat with him about power, and for all the great advice he was so willing to give. Enjoy the gallery below, and stay tuned for more in the Power Up series!