PRO RIG - Mirinda Carfrae's Cannondale Slice

PRO RIG - Mirinda Carfrae's Cannondale Slice
  • Cannondale Slice
  • SRAM Red w/ R2C shifters
  • 58-tooth Alize chainring
  • Zipp 404 Clinchers
  • Profile Design Volna aerobars
  • Fizik Arione Tri saddle

Have you ever seen a 58-tooth chainring? They are massive. For most of us, the extra gear inches on such a large ring would just be for show. But for pro triathlete Mirinda Carfrae, it makes a lot of sense. Carfrae likes to ride around 70-80 RPM, far fewer revs per minute than a more common cadence around 90-100 RPM. And it's been working out pretty well for her so far. Already this year, Carfre has taken four half-ironman titles, and is a favorite going into Kona this October.

Iterative Fit:

Yup, Carfrae runs a 58-tooth chainring.


And Carfrae understands the value of having an efficient position on the bike, and has been refining her position through multiple fit sessions over the course of the year. Each time she gets fit, she rides her new position for a period of time, makes mental notes, and comes back to the fit studio for feedback and re-fitting. We caught up with her towards the end of this process, and saw what will probably be her final position come October. While she may not have the most aggressive position among the pro females, she certainly looks comfortable, which is a big benefit in itself. We're really looking forward to seeing what happens in Kona.