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Review: 2015 Birzman Tools

Review: 2015 Birzman Tools

Aside from an aluminum handle, the Maha II is virtually the same as the Maha III we reviewed previously; it has the same 5-degree tilt, big staple base, and now comes with the awesome Apogee L-shaped head.

Maha Apogee II Pump » Last time we talked about Birzman, we were reviewing the Maha III pump and the original Snap-It head. Now we're reviewing their brand new Maha II, with the new Apogee head. The Apogee is awesome - it works just like the original Snap-It, with a simple push on, twist-to-seal motion that is super easy and functional as long as you're using a threaded valve. One thing I LOVE about the new head is that it comes on an L-shaped adapter that makes it disc-compatible! And this thing is dead simple to use on discs, as I've found firsthand. The Maha Apogee II is definitely a winner, taking all the great tech from Birzman's lineup and adding the new Apogee head. I guess one thing I'd love to see in future iterations is to make the head removable and expose a standard Schraeder chuck, so that alternate heads could be put on if desired. This is how Silca is making their pumps, and I think it's a great move.

I love tools. And as time goes on, I'm finding that I REALLY love Birzman tools. We reviewed several of their parts last year, and came away quite impressed. This time around, I'm looking at several of their shop staples, as well as a couple lesser-known bits. But we're going to start with an update on their Snap-It pump head, the new Snap-It Apogee. The new L-shaped head is disc-compatible, and works really well. Dive right in to the images below for more details on everything. Thanks for reading!