Review: Quintana Roo PRSix

In the world of modern superbikes, the name Quintana Roo isn't necessarily one catching all the limelight. And although the brand can take historical credit for releasing the first tri-specific bike on the market, it's not widely recognized as a pioneer today, at least when it comes to cutting-edge aero tech. That's why many people, including me, have made the mistake of overlooking the brand when looking at the current crop of "best of" bikes. The reason that's a mistake is that QR is indeed doing very good work and putting some very good thinking into their bikes. Their latest effort, the PRSix, proves that QR isn't merely in the mix, but legitimately at the forefront of bike design. And although the PRSix doesn't have the radical look of a Dimond or a Ventum, there's a very legitimate aero pedigree here, and one I was remiss to overlook this long.

We took a close look at this bike at Interbike last year, and while we noticed that the stock configuration isn't necessarily the cleanest-looking thing on the market, I saw a lot of potential for a good TriRig-style build. So I snagged a PRSix frame to build from the ground up, and the result is what you see in this article. As usual, we'll do a section-by-section breakdown of the bike, starting from the front. So hit the jump and let's get started.