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Service Course: James Seear

Service Course: James Seear

This is the area we zeroed in on for his Service Course appointment. It was all about cleaning up that front end.

We recently unveiled our Service Course series, a designation given to articles that have a very personal connection to them. Primarily, this means pro triathletes who have come to TriRig for some very special custom work on their bikes. But the TriRig Service Course can be used for any kind of special bike work, including rigs I make for myself.

Today, we're looking at the race rig for Jimmy Seear, a pro I met earlier this year while perusing the pro rack at the Boulder Peak triathlon. As I was taking some pictures of Jimmy's front end, he said hi to me in the very nicest way possible, shouting 'Hey man, I love your brake!' After chatting with Jim for a bit, I suggested that he was giving up some free speed with a rather messy front-end cable situation. He agreed, and signed up to be the next victi-- um, client -- of the TriRig Service Course. So he came down to TriRig HQ, and I got to work on his rig.

In the end, I think we pulled off exactly what I was hoping for. Jim's bike is now like a knife through the wind, and not a single front-end cable hangs out in the air. Have a look through the gallery, and specifically the captions, for more information on this project. Enjoy!