PRO RIG - Joanna Lawn's Cervelo P4
Specs Cervelo P4 SRAM Red Dura Ace SRM with Rotor Rings ISM Adamo Race Saddle Ladybug Jo Lawn is one of New Zealand's hottest tri stars. We're excited to see her race at the Ironman World Championships in a few...
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Tom Danielson's Foot Fix
Tom Danielson is most decidedly NOT a triathlete. But he can definitely ride a bike. As a member of the UCI Pro Peloton, and one of the fastest cyclists the United States has ever produced, he's a force to be...
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Phil White, co-founder of Cervélo
These are probably the narrowest hub flanges we've ever seen on a spoked aero wheel. They significantly reduce the frontal area of the spokes. How do they perform? Check out the full article for more.
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