The Bottle Carrier

Beta Bottle Carrier The Bottle Carrier Two angles available. The Bottle Carrier Adaptible for one or two cages.
Perfect  The Bottle Carrier Dual cages stay close together for smallest aero profile The Bottle Carrier Easy distance adjustment The Bottle Carrier Just two parts.
Ultimate simplicity. The Bottle Carrier Simple, elegant, lightweight

Beta: The Bottle Carrier

Introducing Beta, our rear-mounted bottle carrier. Beta is designed to work on any seatpost with 10mm thru-rail hardware. This includes the Cervelo P2 and P3 (rim brake versions), Scott Plasma 5, and many others

Like all TriRig products, Beta was designed to be beautiful in both its simplicity and its elegant function. Just two M5 button head bolts secure Beta in place, and those same two bolts allow Beta to adjust independently of saddle position. One bottle can be mounted directly behind the saddle, or two bottles can be mounted side-by-side. In either case, total width is kept to a minimum, keeping the bottles in the aero shadow of the rider, resulting in a drag-neutral hydration solution.

Beta comes in two flavors: Beta 45 puts the bottles at a 45-degree angle, for an aggressive position that offers less frontal area. Beta 63 puts the bottles more upright at 63 degrees, for slightly easier access. Both versions can be adjusted to tuck right against the saddle, or positioned further back to allow room for a saddle bag to be mounted between Beta and the saddle.

Beta is designed to work perfectly with our new Kappa cages for maximum bottle retention and zero bottle launches.

The Bottle Carrier