Tri Suit Design Contest

You know how we raved about the awesome design in the tri suits Epix has been putting out? We loved them. And all we wanted to know was what they would do next. Well, what they decided to do was open up a design contest, and let the coolest, zaniest, and importantly the most popular design win. We decided to do up our own little ditty. We're calling it "Kona Sunrise," on account of the hibiscus flower pattern, and the obvious morning light colors on the suit. We definitely didn't go too wild, and there are some other awesome designs over on their site. Go check them out, and be sure to vote for TriRig!

Of course, you can always get down and dirty with your own design. Epix will take regular image files, or even just a description of what you want to see. That's pretty awesome, if you ask us. Custom trisuit design is often very expensive - especially for full sublimation like you see on all of the sweet Epix designs.

What are you waiting for? VOTE NOW