Boulder Peak 2013: the Rigs

Boulder Peak 2013: the Rigs

Boulder Peak is the second of three races in a series called the 5430 tri series, created by industry legend Barry Siff. When the classic and well-loved event was sold to Ironman in 2009, it ensured the race would continue to have a legacy going into the future. And as the years roll on, it's obvious that the race around Boulder Reservoir is here to stay. The series will culminate next month in Boulder 70.3, but the Olympic-distance Peak is always a great chance to see how various athletes' fitness is coming along, and of course, a great chance to see some wonderful gear. We caught up with some of the pros in transition and had a look at their beautiful rides.

We're going to have a look at a few of these rigs in some depth, both form the transition area, and on course out with the rider. The images are all supersized for your high-resolution viewing pleasure.

Make sure you check back later this week for a full-on race-day gallery (which will also be in our hi-res 'supersized' format).

Tim O'Donnell's Trek Speed Concept

O'Donnell's rig in transition
We begin with a look at the rig that won the race: Tim O'Donnell's Trek Speed Concept. Tim is new to the Trek, having moved sponsorship over from Argon 18 earlier this year. Interestingly, Tim was not immediately at home on the bike; he was fit on a size Medium, which was simply too small for him, resulting in a cramped-up fit that left him uncomfortable and robbed him of vital power. Just recently, Tim moved up to a size Large, and the difference is palpable. "I just feel so much more comfortable," O'Donnell said. "I have to thank [Trek athlete liaison] Mark Andrews." He set me up on the Large, and it's just been a night-and-day difference."

Yeah, I'll say. Tim just looks perfect on this bike. The size is bang-on correct, and he was just flying on the bike. Tim is no stranger to this race, having won three times in the past. But his decisive victory today made four, and his amazing bike legs gave him a comfortable margin for the run that let him cruise on in for a decisive victory.

Tim is riding his Speed Concept (size Large) with full Campagnolo Record EPS. That's Campy's electronic group -- that is, their version of Di2.