Omega, pt 7: Production Brakes

Production Brakes

It's been just under six months since I posted the first concept renders of the Omega brake. And today, I get to show you the production brake. What you're looking at is the very first, in-the-flesh set of production brakes. These aren't prototypes; they came out of production tooling, and are the same brakes that will, very soon, be available for purchase right here on TriRig.

There's really not a whole lot to say at this point, since basically all of the details about the brake were covered in the previous installment of Omega articles. So for the most part, just enjoy the pretty pictures. And for those of you waiting on a release date, we expect to start taking orders in late June.

But there are some things worth pointing out about the final hardware, and they are all mentioned in the image captions. This time, I supersized the images, so you can get a very good look at what this brake is all about. Enjoy!