FIRST LOOK: Ventum's NS-1 Road Bike
Out of the blue, and without warning, Ventum launched a brand new bike on the Big Island. And interestingly, it wasn't a tri bike. This is the NS-1, a UCI-legal, road geometry, road racing bike. And honestly, it's beautiful. Ventum...
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Daniela Ryf's Felt IA Disc - TriRig
Daniela Ryf has been an unstoppable force over the last several years, dominating every major race she has tackled, and pocketing a number of World Championship titles in the process. She has been riding Felt's flagship IA FRD for the...
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Michelle Vesterby's Argon18 E119
Michelle Vesterby has always looked good on the bike, and that hasn't changed this year. She's absolutely right on her Argon18 E119 rig, taking advantage of its integrated storage and hydration solutions, also rocking some upgrades from Vision (with the...
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