Interbike 2015 - BiSaddle Da Vinci
The Da Vinci adjustable saddle. This image shows the extremes of possibility; it is continuously adjustable to anything in between. Of everything I saw at Interbike 2015, perhaps my favorite new product is the Da Vinci from a new company...
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Review: Specialized Sitero Saddle
It's been a long time coming, and it was worth the wait. Specialized has released a true, split-nosed, triathlon-specific saddle. And it's VERY good. The new Sitero saddle is Specialized's answer to the ISM Adamo, designed to get Specialized in...
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Dash Cycles TT9 Saddle Review
You should know by now that I love Dash Cycles. Whenever they tell me they have a new product coming, one of my eyebrows goes up. When they tell me it's a tri product, both eyebrows go up. Last month,...
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