2015 Superbike Shootout
In the past few years, the triathlon world has seen a deluge of new frames, both from industry stalwarts like Trek, Cervelo, Scott, and Felt, as well as a couple of very interesting new players including Dimond, Falco, and Ventum....
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FIRST LOOK: Diamondback Serios
Officially launched in Kona, the Diamondback Serios is a brand new offering from a company brand new to the tri scene. It's got some interesting features, and is a unique take on the current trend of combining aerodynamic integration with...
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Review: Diamondback Serios F
When the Diamondback Serios debuted in Kona 2014, it took everyone by surprise. Here was a company not only presenting a new bike, but this was the company's first appearance on the triathlon scene at all. It's not a total...
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