The New Specialized Shiv

Complete Bike » From the side, the Shiv's aesthetics are mostly traditional, with a double-diamond construction and normal(ish) tube shapes. What's most noticeable is the large 1.5L water storage compartment behind the seat tube. Indeed, it is an untraditional look that's off-putting to many. But it's a clean and aero way to store a lot of liquid. The straw goes through the frame AND aeroars, finally poking out right between the arm cups.

I don't know what it is, but the bike just looks *off* to me for some reason. The huge water reservoir in the back is definitely something we haven't seen before, as is the front end (more on that in the next section). If the bike functions well, the form shouldn't be a big deal, but this bike has a very new look, and as far as aesthetics go, it's not my favorite.

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