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Giro continues to push the boundaries of aero helmet innovation with its latest lid, the Aerohead. And it's awesome.
The Cerebel is a short-tail aero lid that has had my attention for quite a while. I was finally able to snag one for review and here are my detailed thoughts.
The Specialized S-Works TT is a new version of the McLaren TT helmet they announced in 2012. The S-Works TT is easier to purchase, Snell / CPSC certified allowing it to be used in more competitions, and offers several new features. In our review, we discuss this helmet in depth, and share our opinion of it.
Brilliant fire orange lens now available to consumers.
There are quite a few new top-end aero helmets on the market. Here's my take on Scott's new lid.
We take a trio of Louis Garneau's latest triathlon products and put them to the test. Included are the new M2 Tri Suit, TRI-400 shoes, and Course aero road helmet.
LG's new top-end helmet poses a very serious threat to other brands in the business. It's awesome. Here's our in-depth review.
Giro has created an entirely new category of helmet, and it's a really great one for triathletes. Here's my review after half a year of riding this beast.
In our final segment of this year's Ironman World Championships, we're going to take a closer look at the wide array of custom helmets made just for the pros.
Giro has called it the Swiss Army knife of helmets. And from where I'm sitting, it certainly looks that way.
Not everyone races in an aero helmet. Rudy's Windmax is a nice high-end option for those who like vents.
Another top entry in the aero helmet category comes from Louis Garneau with their feature-packed Vortice. Here's our full review of the lid.
Giro got the tri world buzzing big time with the Selector, a helmet born and bred for aerodynamic superiority. But is it good for the long haul?