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TriRig is proud to launch two brand new products, our Kappa Cage and Beta Bottle Carrier, available now in the TriRig Store.
The new Profile Design FC bottle is a BTA hydration plus gel storage and a computer mount. Here's our review.
In the last few years, direct-mount storage on the top tube has become a de-facto standard, but not all bikes have top tube bosses. Here's how you can add them yourself.
Here is our complete survey of hydration options for triathletes, updated and revised for 2015. Strap in, this is as thorough a guide as you'll find anywhere.
TorHans, makers of the VR Bottle and AeroBento that I love so much, have just come out with a brand new BTA hydration system with some very smart features. We snagged an early prototype for review.
Here's an overview of some of XLAB's current storage solutions, including the Mini and Mezzo Cage Pods, the Stealth Pocket 300 and 500, and the Delta Sonic.
Andrew takes a close look at some of Specialized's newer aero accessories.
Unveiled at Interbike 2014, FSA is designing some very fit-minded and function-rich front end products, though just at the concept stage right now.
The number of legitimate hydration options for triathletes has exploded in the last 2 years or so, so much that it's become ripe for a real survey-type article. This is our 2014 BTA Hydration Shootout.
Carbonsmith Glen Alden has come up with a sleek little BTA solution to take the headache out of mounting a bottle between the arms.
Koala has made a novel bottle and cage system with magnetic retention. They asked me to review it, and said I'd love its BTA applications. How'd it measure up?
Possibly my favorite BTA product to date. Profile Design is really stepping up its game.
Dash is expanding its Tri saddle lineup with the TT9, which boasts UCI-legal status and integrated bottle bosses to mount your own cage.
TorHans is committed to making the traditional aero bottle a lot more ... aero. Their efforts and results are both impressive.
The Speedfil A2 is here, and it's trying to be the best of all worlds in front-mounted hydration. Hit the review to see whether the effort has paid off.
Water, water, everywhere! But how are you going to drink it? Here are my simple recommendations on hydration setups.
The Beaker Concepts Blaze is the company's second offering for a saddle-mounted bottle bracket. This time around, they've added a lot of extra features.