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It's been a while since we showcased an ultralight build, but our inner weight-weenie is still alive and well. Have a look at this lovely custom rig.
There are LOTS of wheels on the market. So when any genuinely new tech comes around, it gets us excited.
Our Lighten Up Series is finally complete. This featherweight aero machine came in at just 12.9 pounds, and feels like it could float in air.
To put the finishing touches on our Lighten Up build, we sourced some of the most exotic parts in the world of cycling from THM and Tune.
Ever seen an all-carbon Adamo saddle before? Of course you haven't - we made the first one. And it's awesome.
The Lightning SL is one of the finest cranks in terms of function, but it also happens to be ultra light.
This ENVE Composites wheelset uses the company's 1.45 and 1.65 rims to strike the perfect balance between light weight and aerodynamics for the Lighten Up series.
Aerolite makes what are by far the lightest, and possibly the coolest pedals we've ever used. They might not be for everyone, but they are definitely worth a serious look.
It's about time that the quest for aero stopped being such a heavy proposition.