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In an effort to better understand and write about the technology that is Retul, I attended their University and became a certified fitter.
As we get ready to leave Las Vegas behind, we wanted to make sure we go out with a bang. So we saved some great tidbits for last, in our Day 3 Gallery.
This new fit bike has got a host of great features in a relatively simple, worry-free package.
When you log tens of thousands of km in a year, even tiny problems can turn into big ones. Tom Danielson's solved a foot problem with careful cleat placement and varus wedges.
New for Trek's 2012 squad is Montana native Linsey Corbin. I caught up with her at Retul Boulder where she dialed in her fit.
Linsey Corbin is one of the hottest stars in pro triathlon, and recently PR'ed at Ironman Arizona aboard this Scott Plasma 3.
A peek at the science of power, and how Kona's reining champion is using cutting-edge technology to go after his third straight win.
Joanna Lawn is all geared up for Kona on her trick Cervelo P4
As Crowie seeks his third consecutive Ironman title, we take a look at his race rig.
Carfrae's ride is sleek, beastly, and even color-coordinated.
What happens when stack and reach are the same, but the saddle still fits differently?
What happens when Indy meets Tri? Ask Tony Kanaan, IZOD IndyCar superstar and avid triathlete.
Andrew Yoder is triathlon's hottest young star, and known for his bike legs. We got an exclusive look at his impressive rig.
Retul says it is the most advanced bike fit system in the world. We went to the Boulder, Colorado studio to test that claim.