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BiSaddle is an innovative and interesting entrant into the tri saddle market, with a uniquely-adjustable split-nosed saddle. Here's our take on this interesting seat.
Our first pass around the showroom floor at Interbike 2017.
Dash cycles continues to drive their price point downward, now competing with mainstream saddle makers and offering incredible value on their excellent product.
Possibly my favorite thing from Interbike was an incredibly smart and innovative new saddle - and I almost walked right past it.
A review of the newest tri saddle from Cobb Cycling
Triathlon's premier boutique saddle maker is shaking things up big time, introducing versions of their insanely-cool products that clock in at $299, their lowest price ever.
This is the best saddle ISM has ever made, and probably the best first-stop on anyone's personal quest for a comfortable tri seat.
The long-body saddle maker finally splits the nose. Here are all the ins and outs.
After showing you some of the early versions, I get to go in-depth with the production version of this carbon wonder from Dash Cycles.
Specialized has a brand new saddle with split-nose DNA and a smart bottle accessory. We take you through the snazzy new seat.
Taking its lineup of elite saddles to new heights, Dash has just launched a custom post/saddle combo that is impressive, to say the least.
The boutique saddle maker from Boulder has a new seat on offer, as well as their first complete wheel, an 890-gram disc.
Everyone's favorite boutique tri saddle maker now offers a rainbow of custom color options, and some very handy geometry tweaks.
The world's most exotic triathlon saddle family gets a new member. The Stage 9 combines Dash design with UCI-legal length.
Dash is expanding its Tri saddle lineup with the TT9, which boasts UCI-legal status and integrated bottle bosses to mount your own cage.
TriRig is proud to be the first to show you the Dash tri.7 saddle - an ultralight, high end saddle, designed just for triathletes. UPDATED with full review.
We finally got our hands on some of the amazingly light, amazingly expensive stuff coming from Dash Cycles. How does it measure up? Read on.
Dash Cycles is making some of the coolest, high-end carbon gear out there. We sat down with them and had a look at some of it.
Ever seen an all-carbon Adamo saddle before? Of course you haven't - we made the first one. And it's awesome.
John Cobb has combined great saddle design with an awesome business model to let you try them all to find the right one for you.
The popular Adamo saddles have a new shape for 2010, and we love it.