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When so-called percussive massagers came on the market, I wondered what made them special compared to a modified jigsaw. Here's our in-depth look at three such devices.
Here's a thorough survey of the top bikes in the industry, and all their individual strengths and weaknesses.
Too many athletes settle for sub-par pump performance. Today, we delve deep into this oft-ignored subject, comparing the best pump heads.
At long last, TriRig is proud to present wind tunnel data and analysis on our celebrated Alpha aerobar.
The number of legitimate hydration options for triathletes has exploded in the last 2 years or so, so much that it's become ripe for a real survey-type article. This is our 2014 BTA Hydration Shootout.
Aftermarket skewers are a hugely popular upgrade among the weight weenie crowd. But what many triathletes don't realize is that they can be a great aero upgrade as well.
It's time to have a serious talk about pedals. We're going to review a wide variety of pedal types, as well as talk at length about fixed vs float.
TriRig's full, in-depth review of Zipp's entire tri lineup, including the 303, 404, and 808 Firecrest wheels, + the Super-9 disc. Athletes can now choose their weapon with unprecedented precision.
What happens when the top offerings from BMC, Specialized, Blue, Trek, and Felt go head-to-head? Let's find out.
There's plenty of talk about which extension is the best one. But that question doesn't have a simple answer. Here's our detailed take on the matter.
There have been a lot of newcomers to the fast/stretchy laces game. We looked at three of them in a no-holds-barred shootout.
John Cobb has combined great saddle design with an awesome business model to let you try them all to find the right one for you.
Oakley has a lot of great options for tri. We took a close look at four models to see how they stack up.
Oakley offers a wide variety of different lens tints. Which one should you get?