Service Course Builds

The TriRig Service Course represents the best bike builds we've ever done. Much of our Service Course work involves pure custom parts, made to service a particular athlete or a particular need. And whether it's for a bike that belongs to an Ironman Champion, or one of our own personal rigs, what you'll read in these articles is sure to showcase some of the coolest gear you're likely to see in the triathlon world. Enjoy!

Jimmy Seear is a fast up-and-comer who caught our attention at the 2013 Boulder Peak. Here's how we tricked out his ride.
Ironman Champion Andy Potts came to TriRig Headquarters for a full-on Service Course treatment to his race bikes. Here are all the details.
This Shiv is my personal ride, dressed to the nines and built with the finest gear in the sport. Enjoy the detailed writeup and supersized gallery.