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  • Monopost Adjustment

  • Complete front-end solution

  • Fastest bar we've ever made

  • Easy position adjustment

  • Beautiful, fast, UCI legal

  • Ultra-low Frontal Area

Alpha One: This Changes Everything

For the past five years, TriRig's Alpha series of aerobars have set the industry standard for aerodynamics, adjustability, and design simplicity. And now, we are completely changing the game. Introducing Alpha One: the world's first universal aerobar with continuous, vertical, single-bolt stack adjust. Alpha One is designed to fundamentally change the athlete's experience with their bicycle. Dialing in your fit is now as easy as loosening a single bolt. Tilt adjustments can be done on the fly. Pad stance is adjustable with twenty-one different positions on our ultra-comfortable Ergo Cups. Five integrated accessory mount bosses mean you can mount a BTA bottle, Garmin computer, or storage box with ease. And all of this is achieved in a package that's our fastest bar ever, while also being UCI legal. Get ready for a whole new ride.

Industry Feedback

"TriRig has created the greatest aerobar in history, far superior to anything that had come before it.

Alpha One redefines an entire segment of the industry. It revolutionizes how I conduct bike fit and aero testing. It's both a work of art and engineering masterpiece. In a world full of hyperbole, it truly is a game-changer."
-Jim Manton , Ero Sports

"Quite simply, this is brilliant."
-Tyler Benedict , Bikerumor

"TriRig has raised the bar in this category. But it’s also lowered the bar. And moved it fore and aft, in and out, and rotated it. That’s one virtue of the Alpha One: It’s superior adjustability, especially in how low the bar will go, while maintaining comfort and what appears to be leading edge – and trailing edge – aerodynamics."
-Dan Empfield , Slowtwitch

"Alpha One looks like the next evolution of the tri-bar, offering an unparalleled amount of adjustability and scope for achieving the optimum position for multisport racing."
-Matt Baird , 220 Triathlon

"Throughout the season our bodies are constantly changing due to both increases in athleticism and the regular injuries that endurance athletes suffer. The Alpha One is the first cockpit we can recall that allows us to easily and simply change our fit to match our daily and weekly body needs."
-Mike Longin , AeroGeeks

New Features (See all)

Mobile Fit Bike

For too long, fit has been about hitting a fixed target. Alpha One completely changes the game by providing you the entire adjustment range of a fit bike in a functional, on-the-road aerobar. Adjust stack, reach, stance width, extension position, and arm tilt, all with a few always-accessible bolts. Make the fit work for YOU rather than the other way around.

Instant Superbike

Alpha One is the fastest bar we have ever made. It can literally transform an entry-level bike into a superbike, with a massive, instant improvement in aerodynamic drag. Our aero testing has shown that this upgrade can be more valuable than upgrading your entire frameset.

Ultimate Convenience

Everyhing you need is included in one package, and every bolt on the Alpha One adjusts with the same 4mm wrench. So whether you're making tweaks at home, or out on the road, you'll never have to dig around for multiple tools.

Accessories Galore

The integrated BTA mount features five M5 bosses for installing bottle cages, computers, or other accessories, in whatever configuration and combination you like. As with everything on Alpha One, these bosses are always accessible, and let you configure the bike to your preference.

There are SO MANY great features on this bar, see them all right here » All Features.

Bike fit is an evolution, not a fixed target. Every athlete, from the first-time triathlete to the multiple world champion, changes their fit over time. Yet existing products don't reflect that reality. Even the very best bars out there require you to "hit" your fit numbers, and any adjustment afterward is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. You are now free to tweak and experiment with fit easily, with the turn of a single hex wrench. Find yourself in the middle of a solid training block and realize you could easily drop another 5mm lower? Try it out! Suffer a strained back and want to raise the bars for a bit? No problem. Alpha One lets you evolve your fit without any extra parts, and without any costly, cumbersome, lengthy trips to the mechanic.

The Monopost can be trimmed if necessary to avoid interference with bayonet-style forks or head tubes. Replacement Monoposts are available here.