Beta Saddle Bracket Installation Guide

Step 1 - Ensure you have at least 22mm of exposed saddle rail on the rear side of your saddle

Step 2 - Remove both bolts and recessed nuts from assembly

Step 3 - Apply Loctite or similar thread locker to threads of bolts

Step 4 - With TR logos in upright position and facing towards the rear of the saddle, place top clamp over saddle rails. 

Step 5 - Ensuring saddle rails sit in one of the recesses and with Beta Bottle Carrier mounting point facing away from saddle, hold base and top clamp in place.

Step 6 - Thread bolt through washer, then from bottom of base piece thread bolt up into the top clamp and into one of the recessed nuts. Tighten by hand and repeat for the other bolt.

Step 7 - Once in place tighten bolts to 10-12nm and ensure a proper fit on the saddle rails