Mercury SL Installation Guide

Step 1 - Remove any existing pedals from crank arms

Step 2 - And light layer of grease to threads on Mercury Pedals

Step 3 - Thread pedal bodies into crank arms by hand

Step 4 - Using a 6mm Allen Key tighten pedals to crank arms using 6nm of torque

Step 5 - With the pedal assembled onto the crank, use a 3mm hex wrench and ensure the end bolt is tightened to a torque of 3 Nm.

Step 6 - Remove any old cleats from cycling shoes

Step 7 - Using supplied bolts, thread each bolt through a washer and then through the cleat. Mount the cleat to your shoe using the corresponding three holes on the sole of your cycling shoe. Torque each cleat screw progressively, ending with 6 Nm of torque on each one. Use three bolts and washers for each cleat.