Scoops Installation Guide

Step 1 - Remove old arm cups from aero bar

Step 2 - Remove padding from TriRig Scoops by peeling back the velcro attached neoprene pad

Step 3 - Line up mounting holes on TriRig Scoops with mounting holes are your aero bar’s arm cup mounting bracket in desired location making sure you have the left and right Scoop on the correct side of your aero bar. Logos on the Scoops are intended to be facing outside of your arms. 

  • Sometimes, however, the bolt patterns do not line up exactly where you need them to be for the fit you are looking for.  In this case we recommend our Wingspan adapter plates.  

Step 4 - Using the supplied hardware mount the Scoops to your aero bar. Only 2 bolts are needed for each arm cup. 

  • We send different lengths of M5 and M6 width bolts. Find out which size your aerobar accepts and use the corresponding bolts from the hardware we sent with the Scoops. If you have a Trek Speed Concept, you will need to use our specific Speed Concept Hardware Kit

Step 5 - Tighten bolts to 6nm

Step 6 - Reapply velcro neoprene pad making sure the left pad goes with the left Scoop and the right pad goes with the right Scoop