Store Policies

By purchasing any items from the TriRig Store, you agree to be bound by all the policies on this page. Please read the entire page carefully BEFORE making your purchase.


• TriRig sells products directly to consumers, all over the world. We do not use any dealers or regional distributors. All items are shipped from TriRig via USPS Priority. We do not offer any other shipping service options. We will ONLY ship to your Confirmed PayPal address. Items shipped within the USA usually arrive within 4-5 business days of ordering. International shipments usually arrive within 9-11 business days of ordering. These are estimates only, and we DO NOT guarantee any particular delivery date for your order.

• Because our ship times are NOT guaranteed, please only use a PERMANENT address for shipment. DO NOT ask us to ship to any temporary addresses where you might be staying (hotels, short visits, etc). In the event that you miss your package, TriRig will not be responsible for ensuring it is forwarded to you, or returned to us. The customer will be responsibile for any costs for reshipment.

• Shipping costs are quoted based on the actual cost that we are charged. Shipping prices are not negotiable nor modifiable. We do not have alternative options at this time. Moreover, the cost is for your entire shipment. If ANY part of your shipment is delayed, then the ENTIRE shipment is delayed. The shipping cost is the same, and again, we cannot guarantee the time.

• It is your responsibility to provide a valid shipping address, to claim your package, and pay any applicable taxes or customs duties assessed. In the event that a package is returned to TriRig as undeliverable or unclaimed, buyer is responsible for the additional cost to reship the package. In the event that your package is returned, and you do not want to pay to re-ship it, the order will be treated as returned, and it will be subject to our Returns policy, below.

• We can only ship to the exact address that is sent with your checkout information. We cannot make any modifications to the incoming data in order to change your shipping address. If you submit an incorrect address, let us know before we ship it, and we will cancel your order so you can re-order with the correct address.

• Addresses must be in standard Roman characters ONLY. Addresses with other character sets may not be deliverable, and if they are returned to us as undeliverable, reshipment will be at customer expense.

• TriRig is not responsible for any items returned to us as undeliverable. Again, ANY cost of reshipment for ANY reason will be at the customer's expense, otherwise the order will be treated as returned (see Returns, below).

• TriRig is not responsible for shipping delays caused by the postal service. The most common reason for a delay is when an international shipment is being processed by customs. TriRig has absolutely no authority or ability to expedite this process. Please be patient with any customs delays. Almost always, they are resolved on their own. The second most common reason for delay is that the shipment requires some import fees to be paid. These are the responsibility of the customer to pay, and may require you to visit your local post office to pay them.

• In very rare occasions, the postal service may lose a package. If the postal service indicates that your purchase is lost (and not merely delayed), TriRig will send a replacement free of charge. No replacements will be sent if a package is merely delayed, and ONLY if the postal service indicates in writing that the shipment is lost.

• For international shipments, we are required by law to put accurate and complete information about the shipment, and we follow the law. Please DO NOT send us a request to manipulate any customs information, or alter the claimed value of your purchase. We cannot and will not do so.

• Shipping costs are non-refundable. If your shipment is returned, warrantied, or refunded for ANY reason, shipping costs will be excluded from the refund.


Unless otherwise stated in an individual item description, all store items are subject to the following return policy:

• Items may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date. • Item must be in brand new condition, complete with all original materials and packaging.

• Please contact us, provide all relevant information about your order and the reason for the return. You will be issued further instructions for the return via email.

• All items accepted for returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. The balance of the purchase price excluding shipping will be refunded.

• If an individual item lists a deviation from this policy (such as no returns), then that deviation applies, and supersedes this return policy.

Inventory, Back-orders, Pre-orders

• Unless otherwise stated, the TriRig Store will only accept an order when the entire contents of that order are in-stock and ready to ship. This means there is no need to ask whether a particular item is in stock. If you can order it (and there is no delay notification), that means the item is in stock, and will be shipped within 2-3 business days. If there is a delay notification, then the product shipment will be delayed approximately the amount of time stated, but that range is an estimate and not a guarantee.

• If an item is shown as "out of stock," then we are not accepting orders. Please DO NOT ASK about future restocking.

• Unless otherwise stated or indicated, we do not accept pre-orders or back-orders for any product. Please do not ask.


TriRig may change the price of any item in the TriRig Store at any time, without notice. Discounted prices are NEVER applied to previous orders. We also cannot answer when future discounts will be available. Unfortunately, as a small company, we do not offer any sort of price match guarantee. The best way to find out about upcoming discounts is to subscribe to the Newsletter. We do not offer any other discounts (pro deals, industry discounts, etc).


All merchandise is guaranteed to arrive free of material workmanship defects. TriRig will, at our sole discretion, repair or replace any items we determine to be defective. This does not apply to minor cosmetic blemishes; such blemishes sometimes occur and are considered normal. This warranty is valid only for claims received within 1 year of the original purchase date. To begin a warranty claim, contact us describing the product you purchased, the problem you're experiencing, and any other pertinent information. Any shipping costs of returning defective items is the responsibility of the purchaser.

THIS WARRANTY IS YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE DISCLAIMED. TriRig disclaims all other liability related to or arising out of use of the products.In no event will TriRig's liability exceed the total purchase price paid for the products.

Any misuse, unauthorized modification of your product, or failure to follow installation instructions, will void this warranty. Product returns not covered by this Warranty are handled by our separate Returns policy, above. This Warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product.

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