Styx and Styx SL Installation Guide

Step 1 - Remove front and rear wheel from frame

Step 2 - Remove old skewers from wheel/hub

Step 3 - Slot Styx skewers through the non-threaded black end cap, then through the wheel’s hub and into the threaded black end cap. Loosely tight threaded cap onto skewer

Step 4 - Hold the wheel in place on frame or fork. Ensuring the dropouts of the frame or fork are contacting the skewer. Tighten down the skewer using the supplied Torx25 key. 

Note: Torque spec for skewers is typically set by the hub or fork manufacturer. 6 Nm is usually safe, but be sure to consult your hub manufacturer, and check torque periodically between rides. Also, the wrench hole is relatively shallow, so ensure you are pushing INTO the bolt as you torque, to avoid cam out.

For Styx SL - Follow steps 1-4

Note: Styx SL is made of T6-6061 aluminum alloy, we recommend an input of 4.5 Nm on each skewer, and checking torque before each ride. We also recommend using Loctite blue threadlocker to promote torque stability between rides